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Core Issues 8 DVD pack

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High School-Adult



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This pack includes 8 DVDs:

  • Arguments Creationists Should Not Use [30-9-535]
  • Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science? [30-9-530]
  • Close Encounters of the ‘Fourth Kind’ [30-9-603]
  • Creatures do Change but it’s not Evolution [30-9-601]
  • The Age of the Earth [30-9-534]
  • Light-Years? No Problem! Distant starlight in a young universe [30-9-657]
  • What the Bible and Science Say About the Age of the Earth [30-9-557]
  • Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things? [30-9-623]

Items in the pack are preset and no changes or substitutions are possible.

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