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World & Decay pack

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Carl Wieland


Pack includes …

World Winding Down
Understanding the ‘Law of Disorder’—and how it demands a Creator

95 page book by Dr Carl Wieland [10-2-602]
A laymans guide to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This very clear, concise description of the most powerful law of physics provides strong arguments from this law why the universe demands a Creator. This book will undoubtedly ‘switch on the lights’ for many mystified by obscure terms and equations—without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

Understanding the law of Decay
Clearing up misconceptions about the entropy argument

44min DVD by Dr Carl Wieland [30-9-627]
Christians using entropy or the second law of Thermodynamics to deny biological evolution are often unwittingly misrepresenting the law, while missing out on ways this concept (often misunderstood by evolutionists, too) can be powerfully utilized. Get the real facts in this insightful presentation.

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