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Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason

Refuting Alleged Bible Contradictions

Soft Cover

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High School-Adult


Dr Jason Lisle

Soft Cover

October 2017

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Skeptics claim that the Bible is full of contradictions, but is it really? Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason examines 420 claims of Bible contradictions, and shows how the ‘contradictions’ depend on logical fallacies. Be prepared the next time someone claims the Bible contradicts itself!

The book also includes a very helpful Scripture index, so that when you are faced with a sceptical objection to a verse (or if you think you are seeing a Bible contradiction), you can just look the verse up in the index, then turn straight to the relevant ‘alleged contradiction’ and answer.

Example from the back cover:

Contradiction #139

Was Abraham justified by faith or by works?
Romans 4:2 says by faith vs. James 2:21 says by works.

Bifurcation fallacy [i.e. false dilemma]. Abraham was justified both by faith and by works (James 2:24, 26). To “justify” means either to be in right moral standing or to show that one is (morally) in right standing. Abraham was justified by faith before God since God knows all things—including Abraham’s faith (James 2:23). God sees our hearts (1 Samuel 16:7), so we are justified before God by our faith alone, which God can see. But men cannot see another man’s faith. They only see the outward works that follow from inward faith. Therefore, Abraham was justified before men by the works that followed from his faith, since men cannot see faith but can see works. James explicitly teaches this (James 2:18–26).

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