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2018 European Creation Conference (London)

14 MP3 talks on USB


2018 European Creation Conference (London)

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The 14 talks presented at the 2018 European Creation Conference (London).

​ 1. The Authority and Clarity of the Bible (Brian Edwards)
 2. Soft Tissue, Protein and Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Remains (Prof Steve Taylor)
 3. An Industrial Chemist’s Origin of Life Cookbook (Dr Alejandro García Hernán)
 4. Strengthening the Design Argument (Dominic Statham)
 5. Brain, Genes and Behaviour (Dr Ursula D’Souza)
 6. Mizraim, Archaeology and the Search for Noah in Egypt (Gavin Cox)
 7. The Unsinkable Dream—a Modern-day Noah’s Ark (Johan Huibers)
 8. Rock Solid—Build your Faith on Strong Foundations (Florin Mocanu)
 9. Salt of the Earth and Flood Geology (Stef Heerema)
10. Origin of Man—Fact and Fiction (Dr Pekka Reinikainen)
11. The Created Solar System (Dr William Worraker)
12. Coded Information Disproves Darwinism (Dr Sigurd Eskeland)
13. Is it a Bird? A Critical Analysis of Feathered Fossils (Dr Marc Surtees)
14. Evangelism Where People Are (Andy Banton)

Each talk is a separate MP3 file on a USB drive. You can listen on your car sound system, if it accepts a USB drive, or on your computer. Files can be copied to other media or devices. Your device should already have a suitable App or software program installed; if not, free software on the internet can be downloaded and installed for this purpose.

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