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Exploring Creation with Botany, Textbook + Notebooking Journal

2nd Edition

Soft Cover
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Apologia Young Explorers

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Soft Cover


The beauty of creation has never been more evident than in this 2nd edition of Exploring Creation with Botany. Now with 14 lessons and a newly designed course schedule, students will have even more hands-on experience as they cultivate their love of learning all about the plants God created.

With new and redesigned activities, students will read about and explore why botany matters. They will learn about seeds, pollination, and fruits. They will understand the importance of leaves, roots, and stems. And all along, they will be preparing for growing their own garden and much more! By building and using their own light hut in the opening chapter, students will be continually studying the life cycle of different types of plants throughout their year of studying botany.

Young botanists will also be taught how to think like a scientist. In addition to their hands-on written notes, mini-book (lap-style) activities, and vocabulary building exercises in their Notebooking Journals, students will also create their own Nature Journal to take with them as they go outside to explore, study, and document the wonderful world of plants and fungi.

This course title is one in Apologia’s Young Explorers series and is designed to be used in Years 1—7. Created in a Charlotte Mason learning style, students are not tested, but rather they are encouraged to use their Notebooking Journal to document all that they learn. Throughout the text, and included in the Notebooking Journal, are “What Do You Remember” questions where students are encouraged to stop and explain in their own words to someone else the materials they are studying. By allowing students the freedom to incorporate their new knowledge into their own words, students are better equipped to remember what they are learning.

In addition to the textbook, this pack also includes the Notebooking Journal which includes everything your child needs to complete the activities and assignments. In addition to a suggested daily lesson schedule, it serves as your child’s notebook and provides a place for them to complete every assignment, record their experiments, and display their work.

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