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Dr Russell Humphreys

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There’s something wrong with the assumptions used in the dating methods that claim millions and billions of years. Many scientists believe the earth is billions of years old, simply because other scientists say that the earth is billions of years old. But did you know the majority of dating methods actually indicate that the earth is just thousands of years old?

One of the world’s leading creationist scientists, Dr Russell Humphreys, shares this evidence for a ‘young’ world. In this video, you will learn details about spiral galaxies, comets, seafloor mud, sea salt, the earth’s magnetic field, DNA mutation rate, soft tissue in dinosaurs and ‘stone age’ graves. Bonus footage gives even more evidence regarding supernova remnants, written history, the often referenced but incorrect icon of billions of years, Carbon 14, and more.

See how the facts actually support the historical account of the Bible.

Dr Humphreys received a B.S. degree in physics at Duke University, 1959–1963. In 1972, he was awarded a Ph.D. in physics, on cosmic rays and ultrahigh energy nucleon–nucleon interactions, by which time he was a fully convinced creationist. He is a pioneer in developing creationist cosmologies to solve the issue of how we can see distant starlight (billions of light-years away) within the time frame that the Bible allows of only a few thousand years.

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