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Real Science 2 DVD Pack

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Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Richard Fangrad, Dr Jonathan Sarfati



This pack includes two DVDs …

What the Bible and Science Say About the Age of the Earth DVD
72 minute DVD featuring Richard Fangrad [30-9-557]

In his usual easy-to-understand style, Richard Fangrad helps the audience to resolve the 'age of the earth' controversy biblically and scientifically.

This presentation includes:

  • a detailed examination of the word ‘day’ in Genesis 1
  • a refutation of the ‘Gap Theory’ straight from the original Hebrew
  • a summary of the theological consequences of adding ‘millions of years’ to the Bible
  • an explanation of the assumptions involved in radiometric dating methods that make it wildly inaccurate
  • a look at scientific dating methods that do not support the evolutionary timescale

Great for anyone wanting to resolve the ‘age of the earth’ controversy biblically and scientifically. 

Chemicals to Living Cells DVD
57 minute DVD featuring Dr Jonathan Sarfati [30-9-530] 
See how ‘goo-to-you’ evolution is refuted right at the start! In this fascinating illustrated lecture, a Ph.D. chemist shows how the laws of real chemistry prevent non-living chemicals from arranging themselves into living cells. Self-reproducing cells have far more complexity than Darwin imagined. 

Includes extra features, English sub-titles and a 3-minute promotional segment.

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