Origin of the Universe - 7-Day Streaming

The Heavens Declare series, Ep 1

Streaming Video
Product Audience:
Junior High-Adult

Kyle Justice

45 Minutes

Streaming Video


This episode introduces the entire series about origins and the two competing worldviews; the biblical and a naturalistic worldviews. The experts address several scientific challenges to the Big Bang, but also focus on the naturalistic view as a philosophy rather than just data. Finally, the experts focus on the implications and human response to each worldview. A simple Gospel message is shared and viewers are encouraged to choose the Biblical worldview.


  1. Asking the Big Questions
  2. Growth of Modern Astronomy
  3. Disagreement about Origins
  4. Worldview Determines Conclusions
  5. Historical & Operational Science
  6. The Laws of Nature
  7. Sticking Points to Big Bang
  8. Are We Made of Stardust?
  9. Addressing Key Factors
  10. Why Does Everything Exist?
  11. What Are We Here?


  • Dr. Danny Faulkner, Answers in Genesis
  • Dr. Jason Lisle, Institute for Creation Research
  • Dr. Russ Humpreys, Creation Research Society
  • Dr. Don DeYoung, Grace College, CRS
  • Spike Psarris

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