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What You Aren’t being Told About Astronomy series

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Spike Psarris

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Spike Psarris


What You Aren't being Told About Astronomy: Volume 2

In this second entry in the series, Mr. Psarris first summarizes Volume I and previews Volume III. You then travel beyond the Solar System and explore the entire Cosmos. See how secular astronomy models fail to explain the heavenly bodies, but the Biblical account of Creation is consistent with what we see. Volume II is in spectacular color with 130 breathtaking photographs, videos and graphics (especially of galaxies and nebula) from NASA and other sources. The presentation is easy to follow and would be good for teenagers and adults. Even older grade school kids would enjoy and learn from this video.

The video can be broken down into approximately two halves. The first half summarizes the many problems with the naturalistic origin of stars and galaxies. There are so many difficulties, assuming the Big Bang for sake of argument, that these objects should not exist. He provides numerous quotes from the secular literature to back up his points. He gave a good example of the problem of gas pressure, in which gas, such as in nebulae, want to expand and not contract in the supposed formation of stars.

The second half of the video is about viewing the universe from Scripture. Mr Psarris goes through the Scriptures that relate to the universe and shows that the Bible correctly describes the universe, unlike secular theories of the past. For instance, the Scripture says that there are as many stars as the sands of the sea. But until the advent of modern astronomy, the stars had been counted to only several thousand. The Bible had it right all along because we now know that there are billions of galaxies with billions of stars. This is a lesson in life in that we should not jump to conclusions when secular ideas contradict the Bible.

Much of the second half focuses on the sun, mentioned a lot in Scripture, showing that the sun is unique from other stars and is a blessing to man in many ways. He especially points out that the sun is no ordinary star, for if it were, life could not exist on earth.

He summarizes three purposes for the universe in God’s creation. He presents a case for the anthropic principle—that the universe was designed in many ways for man. He briefly touches on the problems of the dating methods that give billions of years.

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