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True Story of Noah's Ark + 2 free booklets

Hard cover book and two booklets

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Product Audience:
Primary/Elementary-Junior High

Tom Dooley, Bill Looney, Dr Tas Walker


This pack includes …

The True Story of Noah's Ark
74 page hard cover book by Tom Dooley & Bill Looney [10-2-157]
The author and artist take you through the entire account of Noah’s Flood. You'll feel like you are there. Written as an adventure but true to the scientific and biblical facts—this book is for everyone! A great coffee table book. Fantastic as a gift for those friends and neighbours you have been witnessing to. Includes audio CD.

Noah's Ark: More than a Story
27 page booklet by Rod Walsh [00-1-554]
This beautifully illustrated, full colour booklet is designed to encourage children and parents to believe in the true story of Noah’s Ark and the Genesis Flood.

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