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Creation Calendar 2023—Clothed in Splendour

Clothed in Splendour

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This 2023 Creation Calendar will make a wonderful feature in your home. Our world is clothed in splendour, and this calendar captures its magnificence. The stunning images reveal the gorgeous splendour that adorns the planet. Every month you will be amazed at the patterns, the colour, the symmetry, and the design in our world. Living creatures leap from the ocean, fly through the sky, and live on the land. There is so much to see: landscapes, animals, waterfalls, birds, fish, and flowers.

Every month in 2023 your calendar presents amazing facts. There is so much to learn. The more we discover the more we stand in awe.

Each month has a link to where you can find more information. Also, each month allows you to ponder a word from the Creator Himself: humble, gracious, and keen to bless you.

As an added bonus you can bless your friends and loved ones with a Creation Calendar. It’s a gift that people will appreciate and love. Plus, all through the year it will remind them of you, and of the bigger joys of life.

Folded Dimensions: 31 x 24cm (12.2 x 9.5in)
Each day's space to write in: 4 x 2.8cm (1.6 x 1.1in)

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