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Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition 2nd Ed., Student Notebook

Soft Cover

Apologia Exploring Creation

Product Audience:
High School-Adult


Dr Laura Chase

Soft Cover


Student Notebook

Taking good notes while reading a high school science text can make the difference between mastering a concept and not quite understanding it. Good notes provide the following advantages:

  • Students stay focused on what they are reading.
  • Students pay closer attention, which will increase their retention.
  • Students have their own version of the text to review for tests.
  • Students learn to connect new information to what they already know.

The student notebook for our homeschool high school health and nutrition course is specifically designed to help students be independent and take responsibility for their science studies as they gain and maintain the personal abilities to create structure and logic through note-taking. It also contains all of the projects assigned in the textbook, places to write the answers to the On Your Own questions that students answer to master comprehension before advancing, Study Guides to help students prepare for tests.

NOTE: Students will require both the textbook and a student notebook to complete this course. The textbook is sold separately. The "Sneak peek" (above) contains sample pages for both the textbook and the Student Notebook.

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