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Exploring Creation with Botany, 1st Edition, Junior Notebooking Journal

Soft Cover
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Apologia Young Explorers

Product Audience:
Primary/Elementary-Junior High


Jeannie Fulbright

Soft Cover


This is for the 1st edition and is NOT suitable for the current 2nd edition.

Love the regular Apologia notebooking journals, but find the writing a bit too advanced for your student?
Apologia’s Botany Junior Notebooking Journal provides grade-appropriate activities specifically geared towards younger students who aren’t as advanced in their writing abilities. Almost the same length as the regular journal, the notebooking pages are designed to suit students struggling with their handwriting and writing skills; dashed writing lines, cut-and-paste, coloring pages, and fewer writing activities make the junior notebooking journal perfect for struggling older students or easily adaptable for younger 1–3 grades.

Coloring pages, scripture copywork, “dig in deeper” ideas, diagrams to label, word bank/fill-in-the-blank, book suggestions, and other fun lapbooking pages are included, as well as full-color minibooks. While some activities are designed for those who can go out and experience nature outdoors, alternate activities for those in colder climates are also included.

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