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Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air

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Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Joel Tay

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December 2022


Wouldn’t it be great if someone made an up-to-date, comprehensive book about
all-things-dinosaurs—from a biblical creationist perspective?

Dinosaurs have long fascinated people of all ages. Unfortunately, however, they have been used (to great effect!) to promote an evolutionary view of the world . Almost from the cradle, people learn that millions of years before man walked the earth, there was the ‘age of the dinosaurs’. Since this plainly contradicts the Bible’s account of history, these fascinating creatures have been a stumbling block to the faith of many .

But this is all wrong! Dinosaurs fit perfectly with the Bible’s account of history! In fact, dinosaur fossils provide powerful support for the biblical account! This book shows how.

Bringing together years of research, this is a comprehensive, up-to-date, scientifically accurate, beautifully-illustrated book on dinosaurs from a biblical perspective. It is truly the most comprehensive work on dinosaurs from a biblical creation perspective. Highly recommended.

288 pages, full colour, hard cover


spread showing pages 36 and 37 of 'Biblical Geology 101'

Inside you'll find …

  • A deep-dive into information about dozens of dinosaurs kinds, with lots of delightful illustrations
  • The real answer to what killed the dinosaurs, with masses of supporting evidence (hint: armoured dinosaurs are often found upside-down)
  • A thorough explanation of the difference between dinosaurs and birds
  • Evidence that humans have seen dinosaurs
  • A fascinating history of dinosaur discoveries
  • Compelling scientific evidence that dinosaur fossils are ‘young’—only thousands of years old
  • And much, much more!
In addition to the armour on its back and tail, six-metre long Edmontonia had special shoulder muscles that could draw in its front legs if attacked, bringing the body close to the ground.

“This should be in every Christian’s library”

“In all my years of being involved in the origins debate, I believe ‘Titans’ to be simply the best and most comprehensive book that demolishes the usual millions of years of evolutionary history associated with these fascinating creatures. Ongoing and groundbreaking new discoveries such as soft tissue find, unfossilized DNA, and carbon-14 dating only confirm the correct placement of dinosaurs within the correct framework of biblical history. This book should be on every Christian’s library shelf as it deals with one of the major questions and objections that people raise in questioning the veracity of the Bible’s account of origins.”
— Gary Bates, CEO, Creation Ministries International (US)

“Creationist classic”

“Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air retains all the factors to be another creationist classic: Profusely illustrated pages, clear definition of various technical terms (biological, geological, and even philosophical), thorough introduction of dinosaurs and their types, incisive analyses of current conventional dinosaur paleontology, the scholarly rigor merged to apologetics and evangelism. … Arguably, the researched material is so thoroughly presented that this book should draw attention from scientists in academia and the specialists in the respective fields, if they happen to be open-minded, honest, or curious.”
— Joshua Kohath, Adjunct Professor of Geology. Book review in Origin Research Journal.

spread of mammoth



  1. Worldviews and dinosaurs
  2. History of dinosaur discoveries
  3. What are dinosaurs?
  4. Great varieties of living creatures
  5. Dinosaur varieties and ‘ages’
  6. Therapods: Were they all tyrants?
  7. Sauropods: True giants of the earth
  8. Armoured and horned plant-eaters
  9. Duck-billed and crested plant-eaters
  10. Swimming and flying titans
  11. Dinosaur diets
  12. Dinosaur fossils: Evidence for the Flood
  13. Evidence for a ‘young’ age of dinosaurs
  14. Did dinosaurs survive the Flood?
  15. Evidence that humans saw dinosaurs
  16. Are dinosaurs alive today?
  17. Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?
  18. Dinosaur-bird candidates
  19. Conclusion: Lessons from dinosaurs
painting of a pair of fighting theropods
An 1896 painting of a pair of fighting theropods. It is somewhat unusual, in that during this period, dinosaurs tended to be portrayed as sluggish, lumbering brutes—unlike this!


Preface (excerpt)

W hat is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘dinosaur’? Does it conjure up images of gigantic ferocious creatures that once roamed the earth—along with images of volcanos and strange-looking plants? Why do so many of us even picture dinosaurs this way?

Could it be that our thoughts betray the subconscious influence of the culture on our minds? More than any other topic, dinosaurs have been used to promote the idea of ‘millions of years’ and evolution in the minds of the general public. From an early age, children are exposed to the idea that there was an ‘age of dinosaurs’—millions of years before man ever entered the evolutionary big picture. Movies and books like the Jurassic Park/World series reinforce this idea to both children and adults alike. Unfortunately, this impacts the faith of many when they realize that the Bible teaches the earth is only around 6,000 years old.

However, we believe that the Word of God allows us to make good sense of dinosaurs. This book demonstrates that good science supports the Bible. Far from being a stumbling block to the Christian faith, dinosaurs are consistent and are best understood when we start with a biblical worldview. …

We hope this book inspires, instructs, and equips you in the defence of the faith. … We pray that this book strengthens your faith in Christ and shores up your confidence in the inerrancy and infallibility of His Word.



About the Authors

Jonathan Sarfati

Dr Jonathan Sarfati Ph.D., F.M. is a physical chemist, chess master and perhaps the world’s most prolific author of creation books. Jonathan’s brilliant essays on the authority of the Bible have won many converts. He is also the author of the most comprehensive scientific and theological commentary on Genesis 1–11 to date.

Joel Tay

Joel Tay Th.M, M.Div, B.Sc., Dip. Biotech is a speaker and scientist for Creation Ministries International with a background in systematic theology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and biotechnology. He regularly contributes articles to Creation magazine and Journal of Creation.


288 pages, full colour, hard cover

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