Io Origins

Ancient Knowledge Of The Living God In Aotearoa

Soft Cover

Product Audience:
High School-Adult


Soft Cover


This fairly brief work traces the retention of a belief by New Zealand Maori culture in ‘Io’ – the Supreme Being, Almighty God. This belief in ‘Io’ predated later introduced ‘gods’ and existed before the introduction of the gospel to NZ.

A compelling case is made that ‘Io’ belief represents the Genesis knowledge about God that came out of antiquity with the migrating groups who originally dispersed from Babel.


“The origins of Io is the most informative and accurate biblical teaching I have ever come across to help Maori and Pakeha, Christian and non Christian to see clearly the thread of God’s hand on Maori, long before the introduction of the gospel to Aotearoa.” —Pastor Norm McCleod, Gisborne

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