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Exploring Creation with Physics, Full course CD

2nd Edition

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Apologia Exploring Creation

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Junior High-Adult


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Prerequisite: Algebra I, Geometry; basic Trigonometry functions

The Exploring Creation With Physics, 2nd edition—Full Course CD is a high school multimedia course. This version of the course has all of the information found in the print version, PLUS multimedia add-ons such as animations, videos (which do not replace lab experiments), narrations and audio pronunciation guides. The student reads the text from the screen and follows links to multimedia enhancements. It is not a supplement. It is a FULL COURSE! It runs in Internet Explorer, which is included on the CD.

The course looks just like a website, which makes it very familiar to most students. There is a navigation frame to the left which allows you to choose any module and any section of the course. The content of that portion of the course will then appear on the right-hand frame. There are animations and videos throughout the course, which make the material fun and interesting. Technical words are also pronounced for the student.

There are instructions for conducting hands-on experiments throughout the CD so that the student can have a true laboratory-based physics course. All of the materials needed for these experiments are common, household items. There are study guides and tests for every module in the course, and the answers are provided as well. Located on a separate CD that is included with the course, these materials can be printed out so that the student can use them and the parent/teacher can grade them.

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Apologia data CD-ROMs are fully tested, and technical support is available for Windows 98SE and greater (XP, Vista, and Windows 7). Apologia does not offer full support for MAC, but all of their products have been tested on MAC OSX and higher and they will help you the best they can. Computer Hardware requirements are:

  • Drive capable of reading CD-ROMs (DVD Drives can read CD-ROMs)
  • Mouse or pointing device
  • Sound Card
  • Video/Sound compression installed (Part of Windows)

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