The Evolution of Human Evolution, CD

Audio CD

Dr Emil Silvestru

Audio CD


In this presentation, Dr. Emil Silvestru—who has worked in famous caves with human artefacts—deals with how the issue of human evolution is presented in the research journals and public media. Hoaxes, half truths and deception are revealed as well as a look at the way in which some scientists skilfully avoid dealing with massive contradictions between what they actually find and the ruling paradigm. Dr. Silvestru goes directly to the heart of the issue: by pushing an evolutionary origin of man, the western society has rejected most of the values upon which it was built it!

According to secular, science, human evolution is closer to present times than the evolution of any other species and should therefore yield solid evidence. Not only does it not do so, but also on closer inspection, none of the last three major stages of the alleged human evolution reveals any significant differences in social life and structure. Humans appear to have been humans from their first appearance in the fossil record. ‘Reading between the lines’, Dr Silvestru shows that this is also the conclusion of the mainstream research media.

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