The Great Missoula Flood

Modern Day Evidence for the Worldwide Flood

Product Audience:
High School-Adult

Michael J Oard

82 Minutes



Scientist Michael Oard explores the Missoula Flood demonstrating how the geologic features are a small scale example of the Genesis Flood.

Michael Oard will take you on a tour of the ancient shorelines, lake sediments, glacial moraines, over-deepened lakes, gravel bars, scablands, coulees, giant dry falls, silt hills, giant ripple marks, catastrophically cut basalt canyons, sediment rhythmites, and glacial erratics. He’ll present strong evidence there was only one Missoula Flood, caused by the single Ice Age, after the Global Flood, all happening just a few thousand years ago.

Michael Oard will apply the effects of the Missoula Flood to how the Global Flood impacted on earth.

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