Creation Magazine LIVE! Season 2, Ep 13-18

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Creation Magazine LIVE!

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Creation Magazine LIVE! builds the faith of viewers by showing how the latest scientific discoveries wonderfully support the Bible, especially the creation account in Genesis.

The entire Season 2 comprises 24 episodes which are available by …

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Episodes 13–18 included in this product are …

Who is the God of Genesis?
Are Christian deluding themselves? How do we know there is a God, and specifically the God revealed in the Bible?

Evolutionary creation
Did God use evolution to create? Could Jesus and Paul be wrong about creation? We discuss statements by leading theistic evolutionists.

Creative Genesis Interpretations
Were the events in Genesis actually historical? Where can we look for clues on how to interpret Genesis?

Astronomy, the Big Bang and creation
Is the big bang the only possible explanation for what we see in the heavens? How observations in astronomy fit with the Bible.

Why Christianity is true
Is it reasonable to be a Christian? What is the evidence that the Bible is really the ‘word of God’? This episode summarizes basic truths showing that Christianity is a logical, rational faith and not at all a blind faith.

A ‘mountain of evidence’ for evolution?
Many people say that evolution is fact and that there is a mountain of evidence to prove it. Should Christians just cave in and admit that Genesis is a myth? This episode examines and refutes key evolution evidences such as:

  • Embryo similarity
  • The Miller/Urey experiment
  • Peppered Moths
  • Homology
  • Horse evolution
  • Fossil record
  • Dinosaurs
  • Archaeopteryx
  • Whale evolution
  • Tiktaalik
  • Vestigial organs
  • Ape men
  • Natural selection
  • Mutations
  • Chimp/human DNA 98% similarity
  • Junk DNA

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