Creation Magazine LIVE! Season 3, Ep 1-6

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Creation Magazine LIVE!

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Creation Magazine LIVE! builds the faith of viewers by showing how the latest scientific discoveries wonderfully support the Bible, especially the creation account in Genesis.

The entire Season 3 comprises 24 episodes which are available by …

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This product includes 6 x 330mb 720p MP4 video files (totalling about 2gb) which need to be downloaded to your computer / tablet / smart phone before you can watch it. The software/program needed to watch the video will normally be already on your device but if necessary free software can be downloaded from the internet and installed.

Episodes 1–6 included in this product are …

•   What would we know about creation if we only had the New Testament?

Many Christians feel that Genesis is a side issue and that modern Christians should just focus on New Testament teachings. What would we know about origins if we only studied the New Testament? •   Fossils: Evidence for Biblical creation
Fossils provide remarkable support for the Bible’s account of history, beginning with creation and including a global flood. This week we focus on some fossils that are very difficult to fit into the ‘millions of years’ timescale, but fit wonderfully with the Bible. •   How smart was ancient man?
Evolutionary storytelling presents the history of mankind as emerging from largely dull and brutish ancestors into more sophisticated and increasingly intelligent modern people. The Bible depicts humans as highly capable right from the beginning of creation, and the evidence we find supports that conclusion. •   CMI’s place in the body of Christ.
Christians are part of the body of Christ. Various Christian groups pool resources to accomplish the work God has called them to. What role does CMI play in the body of Christ and of what value is it? •   Why does evidence always point to evolution?
The book of Romans says that the evidence of God’s creation is ‘clearly seen’ by all and that men are ‘without excuse’ for their disbelief (Romans 1:20). Why then does it seem that public education and media almost always present evidence as pointing to an evolutionary conclusion? •   Grand Canyon: evidence for Noah’s Flood
Join us as we explore the Canyon via river raft. The geology of Grand Canyon testifies to the massive catastrophe that caused its formation.

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