Creation Magazine LIVE! Season 4, Ep 1-6

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Creation Magazine LIVE!

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High School-Adult

Richard Fangrad, Calvin Smith

171 Minutes

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Creation Magazine LIVE! builds the faith of viewers by showing how the latest scientific discoveries wonderfully support the Bible, especially the creation account in Genesis.

The entire Season 4 comprises 24 episodes which are available by …

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Episodes 1–6 included in this product are …

•  Biomimicry—Engineers copying the Creator

God is the ultimate engineer! Recent scientific discoveries show amazing design in the living world, far exceeding our current technology. Engineers are attempting to copy this design as they invent new technology often without acknowledging the original Designer. •   Transhumanism—using technology to propel human evolution
Transhumanists believe that humanity will evolve to the next level within our lifetime by utilizing modern technology. Explore the Darwinian roots of this growing worldwide movement and see how it exposes man’s sinful desire to ‘become God’. •   Is the evidence for deep time really rock solid?
For many people the age of the earth is a settled issue. Even many creationists believe the earth is millions of years old. But the original, main geological arguments used to solidify the concept of ‘deep time’ in the 1800’s have been abandoned today. It is time to re-examine the ‘millions of years’. •   What the Reformers believed about Genesis
Contrary to what many popular Old Earth Creationists like Dr Hugh Ross have said, the Reformers held to a ‘Young Earth’ position. Examine the documented quotes from these esteemed theologians that clearly put to rest any doubt as to their biblical creationist position. •   Living Fossils: Fossils that debunk evolution
‘Living Fossils’ are characterized as creatures found in the fossil record (supposedly millions of years old) that are seemingly identical to creatures living today. This is a thorny issue for evolutionists since Darwin proposed his evolutionary hypothesis. The evidence of ‘massive change over time’ is dwindling rapidly. Meanwhile the evidence supporting creation is growing rapidly! •   The holocaust before the holocaust
The Nazi Holocaust is seen by many as a gruesome but aberrant event in history. But 60 years earlier the Darwinian idea that some humans are not fully human resulted in horrifying brutality perpetrated upon the Herero people in south-west Africa. The Holocaust of WWII serves as reminder of the fruit of evolutionary thinking that began long before and continues today.

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