Invasion of the Rice Kind

How variation in kind supports creation

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Dr KeeFui Kon

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Agricultural scientist Dr KeeFui Kon explains how rice such as we see, breed, cultivate, and eat today, was designed by God at creation, differentiated within kind after the curse, dispersed by water, and diffused by people. This biblical model of the invasion of the rice kind across the world supports the creation account in Genesis.

Variation in the rice kind is explained by the pivotal events of history recorded as creation, curse, catastrophe and confusion. Creation provided the fully designed genome of the created rice kind at the tribe level known as Oryzeae because of significant genomic barrier down one level among genera. Following creation, the rice kind differentiated as wild rices in the genera Oryza, Leersia and Zizania, driven by the curse. These differentiated wild rices were dispersed and remixed by the catastrophic flood of Noah across the world. Later, migration, population expansion and trade diffused the rice kind to what we have today. The discovery of grasses including Oryza in the coprolites of very large titanosaur sauropods in central India, while it was still floating as an island during the continental drift, is forcing evolutionists to push back the classification of grasses including Oryza to much earlier timelines, perhaps even before Gondwana (one of the 2 pre-Flood super-continents) broke up during the flood of Noah.

In conclusion, variation in rice is the result of diffusion through reshuffled and recombined DNA, affirming biblical “reproduction after its kind”.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2016 Australian Creation SuperCamp in front of a live audience.

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