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Matt Cameron, Richard Gunther


Containing two games in one, Discover the Bible makes learning where some key bible personalities fit within the 6,000 year Biblical timeframe fun and enjoyable. With the trademark ‘quirky’ artwork of Richard Gunther and fascinating facts of each character, you and your family will enjoy the two games included in the box.

Board game: Be the first to visit all twelve eras in the bible timeline, including Creation, Exodus, Kings, Exile, Jesus Christ and the Church. On your way collect Bible Character cards for more points and discover how the individuals fit into Biblical history. Discuss the events and characters involved as you progress through the game.

Card game: Based on the popular ‘trump’ style card games, each biblical personality has a set of character qualities: Faith, Obedience, Love, Suffering, Wisdom and Leadership. The highest score for the chosen character quality wins the round. Each card gives the meaning of the person’s name, when they were born, how old they died, a brief statement about the character and key verse(s) about them. Discuss and debate the ratings each character was given and look up the references to find out more about each character.

Both games are suitable for 2–6 players, aged 6 and over.

Designed by Matt Cameron, illustrated by Richard Gunther

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