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God Made + Creation 13 Lessons

Soft Cover
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David & Helen Haidle, Mary Hake, S Laurita

Soft Cover


Pack includes the two books …

  • God Made the World & Me God made the world and me is a great way to combine fun and learning! Thirteen comprehensive curriculum lessons combine science, art, physical activities, as well as activities for younger and older students, and circle time songs!

    It’s never too early to start building an appreciation and understanding of our Creator, the Bible, and basic learning skills. Developed by a professional with 30 years experience in early childhood education, God made the world and me is a wonderful opportunity to start building a solid faith foundation while preschoolers learn about the world around them.

  • Creation: Thirteen 6-in-1 Comprehensive Curriculum Lessons Young learners discover Creation with 13 integrated, fun-filled lessons! Each 10-page set of instructions include math, english, science, art, spelling, and physical activities.

    Designed for first to fourth graders, bonus activities are also included for older and younger students so families can learn together. Web site links enhance and expand the scope of each Creation day lesson, while key Bible verses link creation-themed concepts to the imaginative and fun activities.

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