Creation Magazine: Since 1978

About the Creation magazine

When Dr Carl Wieland started Creation magazine in his home in 1978, little did he realize that today it would reach into over 110 countries around the world and have a huge impact on the lives of many.

This unique quarterly 56-page full-color family magazine gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith and uphold the true history of the world found in Genesis.

Digital Edition

When you subscribe to our print edition, you will also receive the digital edition of the magazine at no extra cost, sent directly to your laptop, iPad, tablet, and even your smartphone, giving you access to your favourite magazine on the go! And you can share this with up to five devices (different people for each issue, if you like)! No matter where you are in the world, you will have access to all your issues in one place via your own personal subscription page. You will also now be able to search for specific topics, words and articles, and even easily share an article with family and friends via email or printed copy. Embedded within the digital articles, you will even find hyperlinks to our vast array of supporting articles archived on

Please note that the purchase of a digital subscription to Creation Magazine does not grant access to back issues dated prior to the order date. Digital back issues may be purchased here.

Evangelistic Tool

The exciting articles provide great witnessing material that you won’t find anywhere else! Many have come to faith in Christ through subscribers sharing this magazine with them—it’s a super-simple conversation starter, people just can’t resist picking up its high-impact pages. So subscribing not only boosts your faith, it lets us use you as a channel to get biblical truth into the community in a special way.

Essential for homeschoolers and anyone wanting to ‘immunize’ their family against the anti-biblical worldviews bombarding us from all sides. With no paid advertising, every page of Creation magazine is chock-full of powerful ammunition to intelligently discuss nature, history, science, the Bible, and related subjects.

Accurate and Current

Although written for laypeople, every effort is made to make sure the content is technically accurate so that even experts can rarely fault it. And children look forward to the section written specially for them, in each issue.

One of the most common sorts of comments we get is, ‘When Creation magazine arrives at our place, there’s a big scramble for who will get it first. Whoever does usually locks themselves away till they’ve read it cover to cover.’