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What Killed Evolution?

Soft Cover
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Lewis Meyer

Soft Cover


This provocatively titled, full-colour, easy-to-read witnessing booklet discusses three key ‘bullets’ from science which has “killed the theory of evolution”:

Bullet 1: The development of the cosmos (how our space/time universe came to exist) and the problem of logic.  Discusses the discovery that our time/space had a beginning yet cannot have come from nothing.

Bullet 2: Molecular evolution (how a first thing came to be) and the problem of mathematics.  Discusses the staggering complexity of a single living cell and the outright scientific impossibility of one coming into existence within the laws that govern the universe.

Bullet 3: DNA evolution (how the variety of multi-cell life forms came to be) and the problem of information.  Discusses the recent discovery that DNA is a multi-level code and that so-called ‘junk DNA’ is functional. There is nowhere for evolution to occur on the genetic code.

Other science topics briefly covered include the fossil record, human evolution, chimp / human similarities, recent soft-tissue dinosaur discoveries and radiometric dating.

This pocket-sized booklet is suitable to give to an atheist or agnostic.  While deliberately not including Scripture, Lewis concludes with a challenge to the reader to “… humbly and intelligently consider God.”

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