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The Lies We are Told, the Truth We Must Hold

Worldviews and Their Consequences

Soft Cover
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High School-Adult

Sharon James

Soft Cover

January 2022



We are surrounded by lies. They are incorporated into the worldview of our culture. We daily absorb them, and these lies can have deadly effects on individuals, societies and whole civilisations.

In this helpful book, Sharon James identifies the lies that society believes and investigates their origins. Using the evidence of history, she explores the dire consequences of applying dangerous untruths. She also highlights the sobering reality that clergy have, in many cases, championed the lies from their pulpits.

However, the antidote to lies is the truth, and Sharon James identifies the truth which leads to real liberation and justice. Learn why we don’t need to be ashamed of Christ or intimidated by a society that has become hostile to God. Truth is transformative—and worth holding on to!

This book aims to equip Christians to navigate the minefield of current claims. To understand our inherent human significance, to know genuine freedom, and to work for real justice, we need to know the truth.

302 pages, soft cover



Part One: The Lies

  1. ‘There Is No God and No Absolute Morality’
  2. ‘No God’: From Atheism to Death Camps
  3. ‘No Absolute Morality’: From Relativism to Fatherlessness
  4. ‘No Universal Truth’: The Death of Common Sense
  5. ‘No Universal Humanity’: Divided We Fall
  6. False Prophets: The Compromised Church

Part Two: The Truth

  1. God’s Good Design for the Family
  2. God’s Good Design for Work
  3. God’s Good Design for Communities
  4. God’s Good Design for Nations


“I highly recommend this work!” — John MacArthur, Chancellor, The Master's University and Seminary

“This is a remarkable book … Anyone seeking to understand why society seems to be falling apart, and what we can do about it, needs to read this book. Highly recommended!”
   — Wayne Grudem, Distinguished Research Professor, Phoenix Seminary

“Sharon James … achieves a remarkable feat: she addresses the lies that our culture currently exalts as truth and does so in a way that crosses the generation divide and will be helpful both to young people and those who wish to understand them and help them think through the deepest challenges of our day”
   — Carl R. Trueman, Professor, Grove City College

“Sharon James has unpacked with clarity and force both the sphere of lies and its leading proponents and the sphere of truth and the revelation of its God of love, justice, and redemption.”
   — Tom J. Nettles, Senior Professor, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Foreward (excerpt)

Sharon James has brought together in this book some of the main ideas that have shaped the world’s thinking—especially the Western world. I am glad that she has included false prophets who are largely within the Christian enclave because their influence on our entire generation cannot be ignored. They have added to the mess. Like a good teacher, she has simplified these lies enough for an average reader to understand and appreciate. She has also shown that today’s worldviews are basically built upon those of previous eras. Reading the first half of this book leaves you saying, ‘No wonder our world is in such a mess! You cannot hold on to such teachings in God’s created order and remain with a sane world!’

Sharon James does not end there. She goes on to show us the biblical worldview. She puts God where He ought to be—at the centre of the universe—and shows the implication of this for human beings and for the whole world and its future. The panoramic view is breath-taking! … Everything begins to make sense—personal, family, work, and national life. Instead of being left in a state of confusion and despair, this worldview leaves you with hope in the Lord Jesus. You feel as if you are building your house on solid granite while the world around you is sinking. You want to reach out and help. I am grateful for this book and pray that it will bless many readers!

Conrad Mbewe
Founding Chancellor, African Christian University, Zambia


About the Author

photo of Sharon James

Sharon James has written several books, and has spoken in conferences in many parts of the world. She studied history at Cambridge University, theology at Toronto Baptist Seminary, and has a doctorate from the University of Wales. Sharon is married to Bill, Principal of London Seminary. They have two grown–up children. She works for The Christian Institute.


This book covers a wide variety of important topics, some political. Accordingly, some views may be presented that Creation Ministries International, an apolitical ministry, does not endorse.

302 pages, soft cover

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