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Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures 2nd Ed., Notebooking Journal

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Apologia Exploring Creation

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Jeannie Fulbright

Soft Cover




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A perfect complement to Exploring Creation with Zoology 1, 2nd Edition textbook, the Zoology 1 Notebooking Journal provides everything your student needs to complete this zoology curriculum and will serve as a record of all that they learned while completing their zoology studies.

What’s Inside?

  • A Suggested Daily Schedule with a breakdown of exactly what they need to complete each day
  • Templates for your student to record what he or she learned in each lesson, using both words and illustrations
  • Note-taking pages with prompts to help teach the student how to identify and record important information from the text
  • Creative templates for completing the notebooking assignments
  • Project Pages and other sheets for your student to use to keep records of experiments, projects, and activities completed throughout the course
  • Beautiful, full-color miniature books for your student to create, encouraging him or her to record facts and information learned in each lesson
  • Helpful and engaging graphics to help your student visualize and understand concepts

The Benefits of Using a Student Notebooking Journal

  • Facilitates retention and provides documentation of your student’s education.
  • Allows flexibility for multilevel learning. A twelve-year-old student may write an essay and make an elaborate illustration, while a six-year-old may write one sentence with a stick-figure drawing.
  • Engages students in the scientific process.
  • Improves writing skills and penmanship.
  • Gives your student a place where they can record and organize experiences and observations.

One Notebooking Journal for All Ages
Apologia’s junior and regular notebooking journals are being revised and combined into one notebooking journal designed for all ages from K-6th. These updated journals encourage and simplify multi-age family learning.

NOTE: The updated notebooking journals do not include primary handwriting lines, so if you have younger students, you may wish to add the handwriting guidelines or have them dictate to you what they wish to have written.

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