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Dr Darwin's Assistant

Soft Cover

Product Audience:
Junior High-Adult


Christina Eastwood

Soft Cover

May 2023


Expected March 2024 Delivery

An absorbing historical novel, based closely on actual people and factual events. It covers the early evolutionary thinking of Charles Darwin’s grandfather, the issue of slavery and abolition, and revolutionary thinking in the late 18th Century. The Christian Gospel is tastefully woven into the story too.

Young Matt Batchelor is ambitious but penniless. He is learning so much from his employer, Dr Erasmus Darwin, but will it be enough? The Doctor’s friends in the Lunar Society have made their way to positions of power and influence yet some of them began life as poor men. Matt is determined to follow their example. Just as his fortunes seem to be looking up his African friend Scipio mysteriously disappears. Matt is determined to find him whatever it takes, and he and Will Ward from the local newspaper set off to find him.

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