Creation Astronomy for Kids + Aussie Pops Oddities & Oddballs from Downunder

Hard Cover

Hard Cover


This pack includes the two books …

Creation Astronomy for Kids
64 page full colour, hard cover book by Dr Jonathan Sarfati & Lita Sanders [10-1-632]
The universe is an incredible place!
Children will love learning about all the fascinating objects in the sky. And so will most adults!
What is so special about our planet Earth and our moon and sun? What are the different types of stars and planets? How big is the universe? And how do the universe and everything in it point to the Creator?
How did ancient and medieval scientists know that the sun is huge and the earth is a globe?
If you didn't know what pulsars and quasars are, find out from this book!
Enjoy many amazing colour photographs and learn fascinating facts and figures.

Aussie Pop's Oddities & Oddballs from Downunder
48 page hard cover book by Gary Bates (Illustrated by Jenny Arms) [10-1-628]
Australia’s kangaroos, koalas, emus, and platypuses are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. These are just a few of the many exotic animals that roam the continent of Australia. But have you ever heard of quokkas, bilbies, cassowaries or even echidnas? Do you know what a ‘puggle’ is?
If not, then join Aussie Pop and his grandchildren for an exciting downunder adventure! This beautifully illustrated book is filled with educational facts that will delight both young and older readers. Amongst the engaging and realistic layouts, you will discover the many unique, God-designed attributes that help these animals survive and even flourish in the very diverse and challenging ‘bush’ environments found in Australia.
Take a trip downunder and see the incredible and imaginative handiwork of our Creator God, all in the context of the Gospel message. Aussie Pop’s is a Creation adventure like no other!

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