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Cultural Issues DVD pack

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This pack includes the six DVDs …

Dinosaur Evidence Demolishes Evolution
48 minute DVD by Joel Tay [30-9-707]
The facts, the fiction and the furore.
Dinosaurs captivate people of all ages. These amazing creatures have often been used to promote the idea of millions of years and evolution—but no more! Find answers to questions like, “What did dinosaurs eat?” and “Why are so many long-necked dinosaur fossils found contorted with their heads and tails bent backward?". Finally, discover one of the most exciting areas of dinosaur research: original dinosaur protein and DNA!

Gender Identity & Confusion
44 minute DVD by Scott Gillis [30-9-708]
The topic of transgenderism has saturated social media with compelling anecdotes that have captured the attention of our culture. How should Christians respond? This introduction on this prevalent topic was developed to help believers better understand how we got to this point, why so many take such a firm stand on transgender issues, and to offer biblical approaches Christians can use to help others understand and deal with gender-confusion. This presentation is likely to be different from what you commonly see on social media on this ‘hot topic’.

A Special Earth in a Special Universe
44 minute DVD by Spike Psarris [30-9-709]
Did the universe form randomly in a big bang, or is it the work of a Designer? This talk discusses many ways in which the Earth, solar system, and cosmos are precisely fine-tuned for life, at all scales. This implies a Fine-Tuner. The cosmos is not the result of natural processes; it plainly shows the handiwork of our wonderful Creator, as stated in Romans chapter 1.

Distant Starlight and Those Light Years
58 minute DVD by Spike Psarris [30-9-710]
If the heavens and Earth were created merely thousands of years ago, how can we see stars and galaxies that are so far away as it seems their light would need millions or even billions of years to reach us? This talk discusses five potential solutions to this question currently being discussed within the creation community. The vastness of the cosmos does not disprove the Bible—instead, it supports the glory of our Creator.

Creation Evangelism in a Secular World
47 minute DVD by Keaton Halley [30-9-711]
How do we reach a culture that has largely abandoned the Christian worldview? The Bible shows us! Since a right understanding of Genesis is foundational to Christianity as a whole, we can follow in Paul's footsteps and help those around us to see that Genesis is true, which naturally points to the work of the Saviour.

Genesis in the New Testament
41 minute DVD by Jonathan Sarfati [30-9-712]
Without Genesis, there is no basis for understanding the New Testament. This presentation highlights the vital connections between the history in Genesis 1–11 and New Testament teachings. It is clear that the New Testament writers all regarded Genesis as history. It is critical to accept Genesis as history because, without it, the Gospel becomes incoherent.

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