Genesis & the Gospel Connection, CD

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Richard Fangrad

Audio CD


Is there a connection between Creation and the Gospel and why does it matter? The account of Creation in Genesis is often considered a side issue in the Church and avoided at the risk of being too "controversial". After all, science supports evolution. Or does it?

This is the most popular presentation (for a church service) by Richard Fangrad, CEO of Creation Ministries International (Canada). It explains why evolution is not “fact”, but an interpretation of data based on (wrong) starting assumptions. This general overview of the origins debate has ‘opened the eyes’ of thousands of people across Canada. One listener commented, ‘I always had difficulty understanding the whole issue… how science fits in, whether God created recently or millions of years ago… you really helped to put the pieces together.’

In this presentation recorded live at a CMI event, Mr. Fangrad demonstrates why this topic is the “issue of issues in the Church today”!

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