Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries

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2013 Super Camp (Australia)

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High School-Adult

Mike Oard

55 Minutes

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Many people think that dinosaurs are a challenge to the biblical worldview. However, dinosaurs provide challenges to evolutionists also, which include the discovery of dinosaur bones and tracks at high latitudes, the finding of numerous dinosaur footprints in what are believed to be desert sandstones, soft tissue and likely red blood cells in dinosaur bones, and why dinosaurs are extinct. The biblical worldview can answer these evolutionary challenges by the Flood (except for those dinosaurs that left the Ark), but we also have our unique challenges, namely how dinosaur tracks, eggs, and scavenged bonebeds can be explained early in the Flood. These challenges are met by realizing that during the Flood in areas of rapid sedimentation, sediments can be briefly exposed during a local fall in the level of the Floodwater. The above dinosaur features plus associated features can be imprinted on exposed sediments and then rapidly buried during a subsequent Flood level rise. Learn how this BEDS (Briefly Exposed Diluvial Sediments) hypothesis can explain challenging dinosaur features.

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