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2013 Super Camp (Australia)

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High School-Adult

Mike Oard

75 Minutes

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Many geologists believe there is little or no evidence for the Genesis Flood. They don’t see the evidence because they have their evolutionary blinders on. The evidence for the Flood is all around us and readily observed on the surface of the Earth. It is in the form of features (landforms) that point strongly to Floodwater runoff and not slow processes over millions of years. To drain the Floodwater, the surface of the Earth rises in some areas and falls in other areas (Psalm 104:6-9). There is overwhelming geological evidence for this differential vertical motion. During Flood runoff, fast currents eroded hundreds to thousands of metres of sediments and sedimentary rocks from the continents, and deposited the sediments along the edge of the continents, forming the continental shelf, slope, and rise. It can be shown that the erosion was rapid, as expected during the Flood. During runoff, large planation surfaces, sometimes with erosional remnants left on top, were formed. Resistant rocks were rounded and carried hundreds of kilometres from their source. Planation surfaces at the foot of mountains, called pediments, were formed and water gaps were carved through mountain ranges. Learn how all these features are difficult, if not impossible, to explain by slow processes over millions of years but are direct —and worldwide— evidence for the Flood.

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