Hominids, Hobbits and Humans

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2013 Super Camp (Australia)

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High School-Adult

Peter Line

64 Minutes

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In this talk Dr Line deals with several issues in regards to human evolution, including the fallacy of arranging alleged hominid skulls to give the appearance of an evolutionary lineage. Discussed is the evolutionary bias of paleoanthropology. Dr Line looks at whether increase in brain size has any meaningful adaptive value in terms of intelligence, and discusses why this is important in terms of the plausibility of human evolution. Problems with the Out of Africa theory are mentioned. Powerful evidence for a Designer’s existence is pointed out in the capabilities of the human brain. The australopithecines are looked at, as they are the supposed precursors from which our genus Homo evolved. Discussed are Australopithecus afarensis (focusing on Lucy) and Australopithecus sediba. In the traditional evolutionary story the australopithecines evolve into Homo habilis, which then evolves into Homo erectus. Hence, H. habilis is also looked at, particularly in regards to whether it is a valid taxon. Specimens discussed include KNM-ER 1470 and OH 62, as well as the latest fossils discovered at Koobi Fora, Northern Kenya, published in the 9 August 2012 edition of Nature. The probability of an australopithecine skeleton evolving into a Homo erectus skeleton is considered. The alleged new hominid species Homo floresiensis, dubbed hobbits, is discussed. Hypotheses put forth to explain the identity of H. floresiensis are mentioned, and Dr Line gives his opinion on the most likely scenario.

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