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2013 Super Camp (Australia)

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Don Batten

58 Minutes

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Dr Batten discusses four patterns of similarity that are consistent with biblical creation but present problems for evolution:

  1. Similarities claimed as evidence for common ancestry (or evolution). The Creator has designed similarities with dissimilar modes of formation that speak against the evolutionary ‘explanation’; the similarities tell us that there was one Creator, not one common ancestor. The protein manufacturing system in cells, claimed as evidence of one common ancestor, actually defies any naturalistic origin (see here for the animation discussed).
  2. Similarities that common ancestry cannot explain (parallelisms). There are many similarities that rather speak of a common Creator. Dr Batten gives many examples, both overall creature similarities as well as molecular instances.
  3. Similarities across time (living fossils). There are many remarkable examples of fossils of organisms that are clearly almost identical to organisms alive today. Such ‘stasis’ flies in the face of evolution, which entails huge changes over time to transform (e.g.) a worm into a human. Things reproduce according to their kinds, as the Bible says in Genesis 1.
  4. Similarities across geographic areas. Evolutionists claim that the distribution of plants and animals in the world today is consistent with evolution, but this can only be justified by very selective use of the evidence, which is quite compatible with the distribution of plants and animals relating to the global Flood of Noah’s time.

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