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Deep Time Deception audiobook

Examining the Case for Millions of Years

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Read by Rob Holding


Michael Oard

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Deep Time has worked it’s way deep into our culture. It’s all through our education system and scientific literature. It’s in the news, on signs, in our entertainment—it’s everywhere!

But it’s deeply deceptive. The ‘scientific facts’ don’t actually favor deep time (over ‘young age’). In many cases, they contradict it outright!

And its implications run deep. The question of age is not merely academic—lacking practical relevance. Rather, the implications affect one’s entire view of the world!

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In his excellent new book The Deep Time Deception, author Michael Oard examines the case for millions of years—and finds it wanting.

He considers the different dating methods commonly used to give long ages, explains their flaws, and shows how most dating methods actually give young ages! Oard also explains the crucial role Noah’s Flood plays in dating, as well as asking the critical question, “Is there room in the Bible for deep time?”

The Deep Time Deception is a superb little book. Its particular strength is that it is not heavy, scholarly and exhaustive. It is thoroughly readable, extensively illustrated (in full color), and relatively short (168 pages). It is, in fact, the perfect book for the average, science-interested Christian who would like a good understanding of the deep time deception that pervades our culture.

168 full-color pages, soft cover


Table of Contents

  1. Is there room in the Bible for deep time?
  2. How deep time originated
  3. Noah’s Flood resets the clocks
  4. Most dating systems give young ages
  5. Basic principles of radiometric dating
  6. Radiometric dates can be recalculated to yield dates of less than 6,000 years
  7. Multiple problems with dating methods
  8. What about carbon-14?
  9. It matters more than you think
  10. Force-fitting deep time into the Bible
  11. Appendix: The starlight/time problem and the youth of the universe
Book spread image: Opened to Chapter 1

From the Back Cover:

Is there room in the Bible for deep time? Where do we get the idea that the universe is billions of years old? Does ‘science’ prove the earth is old? What about radiometric dating? What about fossils?

These questions, and many more, are tackled and clearly answered in The Deep Time Deception.

You will learn what the Bible has to say on the matter, how the Apostles and Jesus himself thought about it, and how Christianity has historically dealt with the issue. This book also deals with the history of how the earth went from thousands to billions of years old, at least in the minds of many people, between the Middle Ages and today. There are many different ways Christian scholars have dealt with this, especially since the 19th Century when Charles Darwin popularized the theory of evolution, but how do those ways stack up with a straightforward reading of the Bible? And how do they measure up to recent discoveries of carbon-14 in things supposedly millions of years old, like dinosaur bones, coal, and diamonds?

Christians need to read this book. In the end, The Deep Time Deception will show you that the Bible and science say the same thing: the earth is not billions, not millions, not even hundreds of thousands of years old. The Bible is a book of history, and that history is not contradicted by ‘deep time’, because deep time is a deception.


The Author

Michael Oard

MICHAEL OARD M.S. did his master’s in atmospheric science and is a retired meteorologist from the US National Weather Service. He has authored numerous books and articles, is on the board of Creation Research Society, and is widely regarded as an expert on Ice Age creation topics.


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