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An inconvenient discovery

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Prof Stephen Taylor & Joseph Hubbard

42 Minutes

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Since the nineteenth century, many fossils of dinosaurs have been unearthed and captured imaginations. Filmmakers have woven fantastic scripts, bringing these terrible beasts back to life, with stories such as Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, suggesting these ‘prehistoric’ creatures could be grown from ‘dino DNA’ extracted from thirsty mosquitos subsequently trapped in amber.

Much more recently, discoveries regarding dinosaur remains have caused quite a stir in the dinosaur collecting community. Numerous examples of unfossilised soft tissues, proteins, and DNA have been reported in the scientific literature but such findings are troublesome to those who hold onto millions of years. In fact, these discoveries were so unsettling for some people that they tried to hide them away as impossible mistakes or bacterial artefacts.

In this absorbing documentary, you’ll also witness scientific experts explaining why these findings are so stunning. When people face these facts head on, they have a significant bearing on the beliefs we have about the distant past and who we are as the human race.

Introduced by Prof Stephen Taylor (Executive Producer) and hosted by Joseph Hubbard, with interview contributions from Prof John Walton (Chemistry, St Andrews University), Dr Mark Armitage (Microscopist and Parasitologist), Prof Edward Neeland (Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of British Columbia), and Dr Brian Thompson (Paleobiochemist, IC Research).

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