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What on Earth is God Doing?

Making sense of our troubled world: A biblical Christian worldview

Soft Cover
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Rob Clark

Soft Cover

2017, 2nd edition



With all the chaos we face in today’s world, does it make sense to believe that God designed the universe and put us here for a purpose? It turns out that what you believe about where you came from has profound implications for how you live your life right now. But the battle over origins is not just a dispute over the facts—it’s about how to interpret those facts. In What on Earth is God Doing?, Rob Clark explains how the Christian worldview provides the best interpretation of the scientific facts and also promises a remedy to all the world’s problems.

This is an excellent overview of the whole Creation/evolution issue. Chapters include:

  1. Origins and Evolution (Evolution, Physical and DNA similarities, Natural selection and random genetic mutations, Millions of years, The dating game, Transitional fossils, Origin of life)
  2. God, the world, and Us (The true God, Why were we created? How did it all begin? What happened? Man’s imperfection, Man’s predicament)
  3. Man’s Rebellion, God’s Judgment (Warning of judgement, A catastrophic global Flood, After the Flood, Tower of Babel)
  4. Ignoring God’s direction
  5. God pays our penalty
  6. What’s happening now
  7. What about You?

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