Earth's Mysterious Magnetism

and that of other celestial orbs

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Dr Russ Humphreys, NJ de Spain

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Dr Russ Humphreys was not the first creationist to point out that the earth’s magnetic field’s decay pointed to a young age. But over the last few decades, he has refined this model in many areas, and made successful predictions that contradicted those of evolutionary dynamo models.

In this e-book, he explains how the magnetic fields are generated in Earth and other planets. The creationist model explains why magnetic fields exist in slowly rotating planets like Mercury, which was a surprise to evolutionists. The Humphreys model also successfully predicted the fields of Uranus and Neptune, before they were confirmed by Voyager missions, to the chagrin of evolutionists.

Older creationist works were sceptical of magnetic field reversals. But Dr Humphreys showed that they must have occurred, and occurred rapidly. Rapid reversals were later confirmed in thin, thus fast-cooling, lava flows.

The book ends with a Gospel message then a handy glossary.

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