Piercing the 'Darkness'

The bankruptcy of big-bang thinking and its 'dark' fudge factors

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Dr John Hartnett

47 Minutes

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Dr Hartnett asks six important questions in regards to the alleged big bang origin of the Universe. These questions highlight the bankruptcy of big-bang thinking about the origin of the universe.

  • Where did the Universe come from?
  • How did nothing explode?
  • How did stars and galaxies form?
  • Why does CMB ‘light’ cast no shadows?
  • Why the ‘Axis of Evil’?
  • What about expansion of space?

Six major fudge factors are highlighted as a result of these questions, but there are many more. Embracing the ‘darkness’ has led man to develop these unprovable fudge factors to plug the holes in his failed theory. So why hasn’t the big bang been discarded? The answer is simple. The alternative, for the atheist—a Creator God—is unbearable.

This illustrated presentation was recorded at the 2016 Australian Creation SuperCamp in front of a live audience.

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